3 Major Impact Kitchen Upgrades

Minnesota Granite Countertops by DDF Granite

Deciding on the right countertop material for your backsplash, cabinet and countertop kitchen? Then, why not try granite countertops? For sure, exquisite benefits are just around the corner!

Countertops are acquired from different variations of natural stones such as onyx, limestone, travertine, granite, and marble. Granite countertops are regarded as the most required and essential countertops by homeowners. Why not? With the large variety of patterns, durable installations, addition to property worth, low maintenance needed, easiness to clean and longevity, you could ask no more. This can be your ultimate choice to jazz up your home. In fact, most people recommend granite countertops for their buildings, homes, and even monuments.

Home creators and remodelers have experienced a thriving in the demand for granite countertops in bathroom remodeling projects and kitchens remodeling projects. The granite’s warmth and beauty makes it a perfect material for artistic appeal in home design. Aside from that, the easy care and durability of granite countertops keep them an ideal choice for homeowners. – adding this type of countertop to your kitchen can cost you quite large amount of money, they can preserve the value of your property much better than many other improvements.

If you have decided to upgrade some parts of your kitchen such as the cabinets, backsplash and countertops, considering the valuable use and appeal of granite countertops should be on top of your list.

Granite countertops for kitchen cabinets

With so many colored kitchen cabinets, you may find it confusing as to which granite countertops you should use to create an exquisite home decoration. The first thing to do is decide on your overall design theme and color palette. If you have white cabinets, the two countertop choices you have are contrasting and complimenting colors.

This way, you can be able to narrow down your options and bring you nearer to finding the right color for you. Countertops with lighter color can have either cool or warm shades. Yellows are warmer colors that provide a light overall shade. Frequently, light cooler shades are gray or white in color. For those with white kitchen cabinets, most of the bolder and darker color choices will compliment.

Granite for kitchen countertops

Why you should consider granite for your kitchen countertops?

Choosing a countertop material for new build or kitchen remodel is a huge decision to make. Often, you can encounter people with a mental block when making a decision with regards to several considerations such as edge and color detail.

Granite is being used for kitchen countertops due to its earthy colors and durability that adds great quality to a kitchen. This material gets a cast of approval because of movement, color, and their flexibility to compliment different types of kitchen. Another advantage that homeowners love about granite countertops is that they are a highly hard substance, so they are not vulnerable to scratches. Also, it can potentially take the heat without being weakened or damaged when setting down the pan.

Granite countertops for kitchen backsplash

granite and marble countertops by Minnesota Granite

You have already bought dazzling granite countertops. Now, what are your plans with your backsplash? A backsplash tile is needed to compliment your countertop and make a good supporting artist in your kitchen design. Surely, you don’t want your backsplash to upstage your countertop; neither do you want it to lifelessly sit beyond the counter while overthrowing the entire design.

To successfully approve your backsplash tile with granite countertop, you need to:

  • Echo an accent shade/color in the granite
  • Reverse the pattern or color in the granite
  • Add another form of natural stone or even more granite
  • Go opposite on the surface
  • Bring in a geometric pattern
  • Add color; and
  • Shed light on it

What makes statement-making backsplash tile a smart investment? Because of the fact that it is not only very easy to clean and durable, but it also helps split up a boundless arrangement of cabinets. When used properly, it can add a touch of creativity to your kitchen in even the minimum amount of space.

Which are the available colors of granite?

Granite countertops come in an extensive range of colors. No matter which color you pick, you are guaranteed that its originality and luster never fade away. The granite pieces are exceptional and the color varies from blue, white, yellow, pink, black and green, however you can get more colors. The color you have chosen should brighten a dimmer room and match the room’s interior décor.

How do you choose a granite countertop for your kitchen?

I’m sure; most of you are confused on choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen. If you’ve the chance to visit a granite slab yard, you’re definitely at treat, for a surprise and mass muddle. There are numerous options to select from that are much similar to a candy store.

Since every person has a dissimilar budget, it is best to mainly go to the slab yard and look at the available designs. Get the layout with sizes of your countertops, a cabinet door from the kitchen, and go back. Don’t make your measurement perfect, what’s more important is to get an estimate using the diagram.

At this point, the professional help and advice of a sales person or company is critically needed to help narrow down your choices. They will help you in choosing granite that’s neutral in color. You can leave the design of your kitchen with them and allow them enough time to create a price suited for you.

Of course, everyone wants a perfect home. Who wouldn’t wish for a classy home? When it comes to interior decoration, the best possible choice is to use granite countertops especially if you are after giving the real value of your home. Whether you are planning to refashion your kitchen build a new one, make sure to include the delicate value of granite countertops to make the most of your property.

So, ready to get the look your home really deserves? Gather granite countertop ideas for your cabinet, countertop and backsplash, and prepare to install an efficient and stylish material!

Have a wonderful kitchen!