7 trends in modern kitchen designs.

As the passage of time, things are getting changed and if you are thinking of building a brand new home or if you want to modify your existing home or a kitchen by replacing that broken water heater, then you should be aware of the new and the latest trend in kitchen designs.

white granite kitchen countertops Minnesota granite
Following are some latest features that a modern kitchen has:

1. Mixing Materials:

Now the kitchen is changing and it’s not only made up of a single piece but there is a blend of materials. It’s quite exciting to see how the mix of different materials really gives the kitchen a nice appearance. Designers are using a lot of different materials side by side; concrete, and ceramic with natural timber. Sandblast has natural rough effects with glossy effect on the surface. The use of different materials like steel, granite, marble, timber and glass, and mixing them all together really gives a nice appearance.

2. Linear Kitchen Design:

The shape of the kitchen is now very linear and straight which looks cool and it’s not like the traditional kitchen where everything was in a box and a mess of every item was seen. The shelving is linear in appearance which means that the new trend of kitchen contains quite long pieces that are not very tall and not very wide but the narrow design is the key feature of these kitchens.

3. Mixing Texture:

The trend of the kitchen is largely inclined towards the mixing of different materials which bulges the variety of color textures in shelves, countertop and other areas of a kitchen. There is a mix of the beautiful textures with a stunning timber countertops mixed with a whole finish of stone which looks really stunning and really complimentary and also with the smooth and shining stainless steel surfaces as well. So, today the designers are focusing on developing a lot of creativity and depth in the color complexion in new designs.

4. Integrated Technology:

With the contracting space, now the kitchen designs are using the integrated technology. This technology allows you to keep more and more things in less space. Everything is merged into each other so beautifully that they look so pretty and attention-grabbing. Check out kitchenhome.co.uk for more information on this.

5. Personalized Styling:

Well, as the kitchen becomes more and more minimalized and clean-aligned, designers are allowing people to find new ways to express their individuality in their homes. That’s why we see a lot of personalized styling in the modern kitchens. Your kitchen will always look spotless with real professionals from www.hanover-cleaning.com.

6. Feature Lighting:

The most amazing and good-looking feature of new kitchen designs is their lighting feature. The designers are choosing big and bright lights over the countertops and 3 or 4 lights hanging up in the middle of the kitchen space. Inside the cabinets, there are concealed LED lights that are turned on when you open your cabinet and they get turned off when you close it. Lighting feature is a pretty pronounced feature that is being used in the modern kitchens.

7. No Handle used:

It’s pretty amazing to know that there are no handles on the cabinets. Now, these cabinets are opened by the touch-to-open or push-to-open system. You just touch or push your cabinet to take your item out from the cabinet. Also, there are finger grips to open the cabinet instead of the push-to-open system. The main point is that designers have eliminated the handle from the cabinet to make the kitchen looks more linear and aligned.
As the technology is developing and getting precise, everything is changing and molding itself towards a better state. Same is the case with the kitchen that it is becoming more precise and molding itself towards living rooms.