Granite vs Marble

white marble kitchen by Minnesota Granite
If you want to enhance the beauty and prettiness of your kitchen or bathroom by using the natural stone countertops, there are two choices on the market and you wont regret any of them, these are the most commonly used when starting a bathroom remodeling. One is to choose the glassy granite and the other choice to select is marble which has a less complex color variation. Both look great and attractive when they are installed in your homes but in most cases you are not going to select both granite and marble at the same time for the same room. To look which of them will be more suitable for your home and your particular needs, you have to take into account the functionality and aesthetics of both of them. Functionality will probably be the most important aspect to consider, which is, of course, you have to look at the infrastructure of granite and marble both.

The thing which makes the marble most attractive is its desirable look. No doubt, the marble is a porous material which is, therefore, exposed to strains. The hard strains look more sharp and clear on the marble which affects its gloss. Due to these properties of marble, it is best suited for the master bathrooms and powder rooms.
On the other hand, granite is completely different kind of stone. It is extremely resistant to strains and other hard scratches due to its hard and strong surface. This scratch-resistant property of granite makes it even more useful in kitchens and bathrooms.

When your main objective is to enhance the beauty of your home, sometimes you will look for rich color complexion as well as functionality. So the appearance of the material depends tremendously when you look to make the right decision. The appearance and color variety of granite is exceptionally vast as compared to marble. The most common and popular reflective and glassy finish of granite countertops makes it more attractive. If you look closely the slab of granite, you will see a large color variation and series of different colors in every layer of that slab. These different colors are due to the deposits of minerals that are naturally present in granite.

Moving towards the appearance of the marble, it has its settled beauty and the variety of colors within the slabs are not so wide like granite. As compared to granite, it has less glassy and less reflective finish but has still eye-catching appearance, making it more useful for the bathroom use.
As mentioned before, granite has a strong and hard surface which makes it more durable than marble. Granite takes the lead in the durability section. If granite and marble both are used in the kitchen then there is a great chance that, due to acidic food, marble may get affected but not the graphite as graphite is far more acidic food resistant compared to marble.

Both of the materials are very popular and have a lot of similarities. With the proper sealants granite and marble countertops are also suitable for outdoor use due too their ability to resist any kind of temperature and season.
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