Minnesota chooses: kitchen sink types, what’s right for you.

Minnesota residents always want the best when buying things for their kitchen remodeling project. For that reason choosing the right sink for the kitchen can become a daunting task considering all the options available on the market.
Many people think that the most expensive ones are the best ones because the manufacturers have used the right quality material in it that’s why it costs more. But that is not always the case. Experience have shown that many of the expensive sinks don’t pass the tests and some of them didn’t show the results up to the mark. But the thing that matters is the material that the manufacturer use. Taking into account only the material, we are going to indicate the best sink for you.
Following are some of the most popular types of sinks that are available on the market:
1- Stainless steel sinks:

stainless steel sink with granite countertop by Minnesota Granite Dynamic Design and Fabrication
Stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular sink options that is available on the market. Many people prefer to buy this instead of the others because it’s inexpensive and do its job well. For ordinary usage at home, when status is not a matter, then the stainless steel sinks will be the best choice for you. However, there are many beautiful and charming stainless steel sinks available but they exceed their low-cost limit.
There are two types of steel sinks; the lower gauge and the upper gauge. Well, tests show that the gauge has nothing to do with the performance of the sink. It may affect its efficiency or performance but on very minute scale.
The main problem with such type of sink is that it makes noise when water falls on it or something like a spoon or a knife strikes it.
2- Composite sinks:

granite countertop with comosite sink by Minnesota Granite

This type is basically, made up of quartz or granite. The granite or quartz are firstly crushed into small pieces and then by mixing them with different fillers, and doing other processes, composite sinks are made.
Both these material form a strong coating that is highly resistant to tough strains and sharp scratches.
Composite sinks look very nice and are elegant due to the color combination of granite or quartz.
3- Cast Iron sinks:

cast iron sink with granite countertop by Dynamic Design and Fabrication Minnesota Granite
As the name suggests that this sink uses cast iron in its composition which is the one of the oldest material that is being used for the manufacturing of kitchen utensils for many years. Cast iron sinks are strong in nature and also resistant to scratches and strains. One bad feature of this type of sink is that this sink is extremely heavy as it contains hard and tough coatings of melted enamel.
4- Fireclay:

fireclay sink by Minnesota Granite Countertops Dynamic Design and Fabrication
Fireclay sinks are made up with the ceramic clay and porcelain coatings. Fireclay sinks are stronger and durable if compared to cast iron sinks. These sinks are tough, strong and also heat resistant. There is a great variety of this type depending on the shape and color of the sink.
All the mentioned above sink types have there own pros and cons and essentially it is up to the owner to decide what sink type suits best to the design of the kitchen, material and color of the countertops used, cabinet color and so on. Because of its overall qualities composite sinks are the most popular choice of the sink with Minnesota residents looking to add more style to their kitchen. Call us at Dynamic Design and Fabrication at 952-292-6140 to see what sink options are available to you or you can feel free to contact us to set up a Free Granite or Marble Countertop Quote.